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The Wow Internet Team

Qasim Majid: CEO

Duties: overseeing implementation, providing strategic direction, generating maximum value for customers
Favourite Movie: Carlito’s Way
Favourite Song: Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
Guilty Pleasure: Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl
Surprising Fact: Qasim invented time.
You’re welcome.

Matthew Barby: SEO and Social Media Strategist

Duties: SEO, Strategy development, CRO, social media management, online performance analysis
Favourite Song: The Smiths – Still Ill
Favourite Movie: Withnail and I
Pleasure: Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Surprising Fact: Matt won two gold medals at the 1994 Olympics for Dressage

Jenny Khanom: Lead Digital Designer

Duties: Design, CSS, developing/designing
concepts to completion.
Favourite Film: Jurassic Park
Favourite Song: Alexis On Fire – You Burn First
Guilty Pleasure: Bewitch’d – C’est La Vie
Surprising Fact: Jenny coached the 2010 North Korean World Cup Squad. The whereabouts of the team is still open to speculation.

Alan Bagley: Development Manager

Duties: Oversee all web development, provide online support, manage development team
Favourite Film: Equilibrium
Favourite Song: Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street
Guilty Pleasure: Chesney Hawkes – I am the One and Only
Surprising Fact: A master of Wing Chun, Alan is known throughout China as “Mook Jan Yong”, which translates as “Wood Man Post”. He won’t tell us why.

Navpreet: Web Developer

Duties: Web coding, designing, HTML, CSS, HP, animation
Favourite Film: 300
Favourite Song: 50 Cent – In da Club
Guilty Pleasure: Usher – DJ’s Got Me Fallin’ In Love
Surprising Fact: Nav was previously a much-loved children’s television presenter, but was sacked for being “too political”.

Soafyaan Zia: SEO Blogger

Duties: Blogging, link building, social media management, social bookmarking, content creation
Favourite Film: Elf
Favourite Song: Kyuss – Space Cadet
Guilty Pleasure: J-Lo – Jenny from the Block
Surprising Fact: Sof has over 50 unique titles, the most common of which being ‘Highest Incarnation of the Revolutionary Comradely Love’.

Umar Ul Haq: Admin Assistant

Duties: Directory submissions, social bookmarking, top office tea maker, official company mascot
Favourite Film: Braveheart
Favourite Song: Bach – Air on G string
Guilty Pleasure: One Direction – You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful
Surprising Fact: Umar once ate 24 Weetabix as a bet.

Renu Manjhu: Social Media Exec

Liam McCarthy: Junior SEO Engineer

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