Are You Absorbing 32.5% of Keyword Traffic for Position 1?

A recent study carried out by Chitika has shown some up-to-date figures on click-through rates within the SERPs. These figures are great for plugging into your keyword analysis to find rough traffic estimates as well. Here’s what Chitika found…

Position 1 Absorbs 32.5% of Keyword Traffic

From their study of over 300,000 websites, Chitika found that having your site at the top position on page 1 of Google allowed you to take in around 32.5% of all the search volume traffic – an incredibly high figure. Just dropping down to the second position (which accounts for 17.6% of click-throughs) can mean a loss of thousands of monthly visits.

SERP Ranking Traffic


Page 1 Dominates Google Search Traffic

Chitika also found that results on page 1 of Google search brought in 91.5% of traffic for each query, with page 2 only having 4.8% of traffic share. This meant that dropping from position 10 to position 11 resulted in a 140% drop in traffic – this would be incredibly significant with high search volume keywords.

Google Traffic by Results Page

Do You Track Keyword Traffic Base on SERP Position?

I’ve been testing out results on a few of our clients to see what kind of traffic we see for each of our keywords based on their position in the SERPs at the time of click-through. If you want to know how to do this then check out this awesome article by Justin Cutroni.

Keyword Traffic

What I found with one of my clients was that we actually brought through more organic search traffic from position 4 click-throughs in Google than we did through position 3. Bear in mind though that this could be due to us having more keywords ranking within position 4.

SERP visits

I’d recommend setting up tracking like this because it gives you a fantastic way of measuring ROI on your keywords and can help you get a niche-relevant scope on keyword traffic potential.

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  • Profesor de SEO

    I think this happens only with certain search terms.
    I have keywords on page 3 which will come to traffic.
    This is because the price of products makes the user spend more than an information page.

    • Matthew Barby

      I think what these results show is an average. Obviously there will be keywords that you can gain high CTR from even when not on the first page – these figures can be a good avergae idea for projections.