Search Engine Weekly Roundup #2

Search Engine Weekly Roundup

Here it is, the Search Engine Weekly Roundup #2 (SEO Harder). This is the follow-up to our post last week, where we trawl through the internet to find the biggest news and talking points, as well as the finest blogs from the world of search, and all related areas.


Panda & Penguin Tool: Find Which Google Algo Hit your Website
Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud

First of all, the folks at Barracuda Digital have recently released a Panda/Penguin checker tool, better known as the Panguin Tool. When people see that their traffic has taken a hit, and to quote Luis Navarrete, Head of SEO at Barracuda Digital: “It can be difficult to know if you have been hit by an update and it is even harder to find out which update you’ve been hit by” – So they’ve released the Panguin Tool. With the use of your Google Analytics account, this tool will help you analyse your traffic and see if your website has been hit by these updates. Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud has given his $0.02 on the matter, as he goes into further depth into what the tool is, its uses and how to properly function it.
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Universal Analytics: The Next Generation of Google Analytics
Justin Cutroni – Cutroni

Google have announced their intentions for a new set of features for Google Analytics, under the grand title of Universal Analytics. These are set to change and improve data collection, helping users attain a greater knowledge of how people interact with their business. Justin Cutroni is an Analytics Advocate at Google, so it’s safe to say he knows his stuff in regards to this. Check out his excellent blog post, where he breaks down the features that Universal Analytics will provide. He’ll be posting more on the subject as time goes on, so be sure to keep an eye on his blog.
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14 Ideas to Utilize Custom Variables for Search & Social Tracking
Jordan Kasteler – Search Engine Land

Custom Variables are recognised as a very powerful tool in regards to attaining data and understanding your audience, as well as getting the most out of your site data. Jordan Kastaler has certainly recognised this, and has claimed that they’re severely underrated and underused. His latest post on Search Engine Land looks at the benefits that using Custom Variables can bring you. He also lists 14 ideas on how you can use Custom Variables, such as analysing traffic over a period of time, finding out your most successful authors, and even tracking keyword rankings via location.
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Why Google Webmaster Tools Impression Data Is Worthless
John Doherty – JohnFDoherty

After a few blogs that tell you how useful some of Google’s analytical tools can be, it’s nice to cap things off with one saying how useless some can be. One of John Doherty’s recent posts explains why he tends to shy away from the Impression Data of Google’s Webmaster Tools, seeing as reporting on it can skew things, as they don’t give concrete confirmation of your site’s search performance. John explains things better than me, obviously, so please visit the linked blog post for further detail.
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A 5 Step Social Strategy That Converts
Sharlene Boodram – Slingshot SEO

Finally, to round off this round up, we’ll bring you something from the world of social media. Sharlene Boodram of Slingshot SEO has provided a social strategy in her latest post. This post informs us with 5 in-depth methods to help with your social media endeavours. One of these being to develop a ‘social schedule’ based on the best time to post by analysing and identifying when your target audience are most likely to view your content. I highly recommend that you view this post if you’re looking to accrue further knowledge and general guidance in achieving your social media goals.
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Thank you for reading the second instalment of the Search Engine Weekly Round-up. If you enjoyed this and the work of the fantastic posts that we’ve linked to, feel free to share this post (and theirs) all throughout the interwebs.

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