Search Engine Weekly Roundup #42

The Search Engine Weekly Round-up is a quick collection of the finest articles from the online marketing world that have been released throughout the week. In the 42nd edition of this content round-up, we have articles regarding actionable SEO tips, eCommerce link building, an SEO secret and maintaining a singular brand voice.

The Most Actionable SEO Tips Ever
Steve Webb

In what has been a rather hectic week (with Google announcing another algorithm update as well as the dreaded (not provided) news) the first post in this week’s roundup comes courtesy of Steve Webb, who has compiled a mammoth list of excellent, actionable SEO tips. All of these tips have come from some of the biggest names in the industry, all offering fine advice in this post.
Tips in this post include Chris Dyson covering how to use ScrapeBox in order to offer better advertising avenues for webmasters using AdSense, Nick Eubanks looking at how to using product attribute keywords, as well as Steve himself covering how to clean up your citations using GetListed. This post is a superb resource and is certainly worth reading in it’s entirety. Also, it got me a shedload of karma on Inbound, which was bloody lovely.

11 Actionable eCommerce Link Building Tips
James Norquay

Remaining on the theme of actionable SEO tips, James Norquay has used his knowledge and experience within the eCommerce industry to provide a selection of tips regarding link building for an eCommerce website.
James covers topics such as reaching out to suppliers in order to get links, utilizing reverse image search on your company logo, conducting proper competitor research on a regular basis, etc. The latter of which is something which I’ve done previously for an eCommerce website, and it certainly pays dividends.

My Best Kept SEO Secret on How to Rank for Competitive Keywords
Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre, who actually offered some advice in the first article mentioned in this roundup, has provided us with further advice on his own blog, Kaiserthesage. He speaks about his “best kept SEO secret”, which he describes as creating evergreen content that can rank for industry head terms. He offers various examples of this, looking at his previous work and how he has managed to rank for the aforementioned head keywords. There’s also a section on how to ensure that these pages can improve their standing in the SERPs, including contextual links and making sure that the post becomes a leading resource.

Train a Content Team to Have a Singular Brand Voice
Kyra Kuik

It’s certainly important to make sure that your brand has a “voice”, making your brand more approachable and social throughout various social media outlets. This post, courtesy of Kyra Kuik of Distilled looks at how you can go about choosing your brand’s voice, and how to communicate your brand’s voice throughout your content. This is done in this post by looking at examples of several different brands and how they write their content. This post also covers identifying which tone to use in certain situations as well as finding out which guidelines to put into place.

That’s all for this week’s roundup. So, what have been your favourite articles over the course of the week? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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