Search Engine Weekly Roundup #50

Here we are folks, the 50th edition of this weekly roundup! How time flies, eh? If you’ve not seen any of the previous editions, this is a quick roundup where every Friday I’ll take a look at a few of the finest articles which have been posted over the course of the week. The first week of 2014 has brought already brought some excellent articles, with the ones in this roundup covering PR outreach, threats to your site’s load times, content creation lessons learned, and improving your conversion rate.

PR Outreach – Radio, Tv, Magazines, and News
by Peter Attia

The first post which we’ll take a look at this year comes from Peter Attia, who has put together an excellent psot on how you can use local PR outreach to your advantage, providing examples and how big of an effect that method had on his business. It certainly has an effect, as Peter says, considering that local PR will help bring people to your business in person, which brings with it a great chance of a conversion.

When it comes to the examples which he lists, he covers a local paper excerpt, a radio mention, a live segment on FOX news, an article in a newspaper, and a mention in a magazine. It’s very interesting to see how these avenues worked when it comes to getting the brand’s name out there and bringing in customers – one of these, the radio mention, brought in a spike of visitors and plenty of business, albeit for a short period of time. Peter wraps things up by letting us know how to find these opportunities for ourselves, what he does to offer PR, as well as how to track PR performance.

15 Hazards That Will Cripple Your Ecommerce Site’s Load Time
by Alesia Krush

One thing which is expected of websites these days is speed – if a site is slow and clunky, especially an Ecommerce site, they’ll be looking to take their business elsewhere. As the post says, a business can lose 25% of it’s online visitors if it takes more than 4 seconds to load each page. Taking this into consideration, Alesia Krush has put together a list of the biggest threats to your Ecommerce site’s load time, looking at areas such as your web host, the amount of redirects, poorly optimized images, utilizing a CDN, et al.

Have you ever dealt with the running of an Ecommerce site? If so, how did you make sure that it was as quick and responsive as possible?

How the Founder of Buffer Tweets
by Belle Beth Cooper

This post is all about Joel Gascoigne, the founder of the ridiculously helpful Buffer. His following on Twitter has continued to grow, and his ways of interacting and sharing on Twitter sees the majority of his tweets perform very well, bringing through plenty of traffic and engagement. This post takes a look at the “system” he has in place, where Belle Beth covers how he uses different types of content, with there being a “staple” tweet. She also looks at how to find great content to share, and how to find your sharing ratio. It may seem odd to have an article based on one person’s Twitter habits, but it’s genuinely very helpful, and is certainly worth a read.

4 Simple Tips That Doubled Our Conversion Rate
by Steven Macdonald

Wrapping things up this week, Steven Macdonald covers a few ways in which you can improve your conversion rate, one of the real key aspects of business. He takes a look at how his team added the goals of the site into the footer, which certainly isn’t the most common move, though it brought a 50% improvement in conversion rate for all of these goals. As well as this, Steven speaks about pop-up banners (they may be a pain in the arse, but they get results), running A/B tests on the most commonly used forms, and something which has gotten quite a bit of traction recently, adding items to your Thank You pages in order to convert.

For those of you who have conducted conversion rate tests, which ones of have you ran, and which saw the most improvement?

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