Search Engine Weekly Roundup #41

The Search Engine Weekly Round-up is a quick collection of the finest articles from the online marketing world that have been released throughout the week. In the 41st edition of this content round-up, we have articles on starting a marketing agency, creative content, guest blogging and how to become a better link builder.

From Zero to a Million: 20 Lessons for Starting an Internet Marketing Agency
Mike Ramsey

In the first post in this week’s roundup, Mike Ramsey has written a superb post on the Moz blog which details his journey so far with his company Nifty Marketing, and offers 20 pieces of advice for those who are looking to start an internet marketing agency. He covers the rather humble beginnings, with his first experiences in the web industry coming in the form of a website which sold massive potatoes, and how he and his eventual company evolved over the years. This is a truly stellar article, and is one of the more interesting ones which I’ve read in quite some time, and offers as a superb resource for those who are looking to build their own agency.

Creative Content Marketing from International Content Creators
Venchito Tampon

In a flawless segue, we go from one excellent piece of creative content to this post courtesy of Venchito Tampon, which is a collection of some of the most creative content over the past few years. Venchito has asked a collection of the finest content creators within our industry what their favourite piece of creative content is, and has collected their thoughts in this post. There’s some truly superb content in this list, and is definitely worth looking through, and can certainly act as a source of inspiration for your own content. Also, our own Matthew Barby got a mention within this article, speaking about some of our work with one of our clients, Music Matters.

How to Avoid the Soon-to-be Guest Blogging Penalty
Jayson Bagio

Whilst guest blogging has been a massive part of content campaigns over the past few years, there has been quite a bit of skepticism around it in recent times. It can be regarded as a link scheme, and there have been discussions over what Google may do in order to prevent the manipulating of guest posts. This post, which is actually a guest post, from Jayson Bagio takes a look at how we can raise the quality of our guest posts, detailing 5 ways of doing so. Jayson goes in depth as to how you should define the quality of your prospected sites, implementing authorship, making sure that your focus is on your brand and not links, etc. Whilst it’s not perfectly clear what will happen when it comes to Google’s death hammer and guest posts, all of these should still be taken into account when putting together guest posts.

Seven Ways to Become a Better Link Builder
Wiep Knol

We’ll wrap things up with the thoughts of an experienced head in our industry, Wiep Knol, as he looks at 7 things you should take into account when it comes to becoming a better link builder. This is quite a different approach to link building posts, as it doesn’t look at certain techniques or tools to use, he speaks about things which you, personally, should do. Wiep covers areas such as simply thinking ahead (which relates to the previous post, segues all over the place), making sure that you maintain a level of honest, and using your own gumption for assessing link targets, not relying simply on DA, Trust Flow, et al.

That’s all for this week’s roundup. So, what have been your favourite articles over the course of the week? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Liam McCarthy

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