Search Engine Weekly Roundup #48

The Search Engine Weekly Roundup is a quick collection of the finest articles from the online marketing world that have been released throughout the week. In the 48th edition of this content roundup, we have articles which look at improving the speed of your website, an interview with a keyword research expert, getting creative with your Google Authorship photo, and how to use landing pages for your content marketing.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rates with a Faster Website
Mark Isham

One of the key objectives for websites is to make sure that it runs as quickly and smoothly as possible, seeing as a slow, clunky, unresponsive website will lead to visitors (and potential sales) leaving in droves. Also, it’s bound to have a huge impact on conversion rates  as well, which is what the first post in this week’s roundup covers.

Mark Isham of Zoompf, who has written several pieces on the subject of site speed, has whipped up another for the Moz blog, looking at just how big of an impact a website’s speed has on conversion rates. The post covers the research Mark undertook, how fast websites should be, and several steps to take in order to improve the speed of your site.

Nick Eubanks on Forecasting, Keyword Research, Tools & Hummingbird
Patrick Hathaway

Over the course of the month, HitReach have been running their “Blogvember” challenge – a post each each day during November. For the 21st of the month, Patrick Hathaway has conducted an interview with a man known for his extensive knowledge in the field of keyword research (amongst other things…), Nick Eubanks. They cover subjects such as keyword research in the (not provided) era, the best tools on the market at the moment, and forecasting when pitching for business, which contains a superb response from Nick – a very detailed, insightful look at how he assesses the situation when pitching.

Get Creative (and Smart!) with Your Author Photo
Ann Smarty

I’m sure we’re all aware of Google Authorship at this stage – the image/snippet that you see alongside a result in the SERPs. Whilst there are plenty of guides letting us know how to set it up and the importance of it, a subject which isn’t covered as much is what you should actually use for your Authorship photo, which is what Ann Smarty discusses on the iAcquire blog in this post.

Ann mentions several key points, such as having a recognizable headshot, avoiding anonymity, and one of the most important of which – consistency. Authorship helps build yourself as a recognizable brand, so making sure that you have a single, recognizable photo across all platforms is highly beneficial. Also, at the end of the blog post, Ann has provided a presentation on this subject, which is also certainly worth checking out.

How Unbounce Uses Landing Pages for Content Marketing
Oli Gardner

The final post in this week’s roundup comes courtesy of Oli Gardner, who also covers his specialist subject in a post this week: landing pages, and more specifically, how Unbounce uses them in their content marketing strategy. Oli covers subjects such as reusing content, using confirmation pages and using contextual design – all of which will go towards improving the potential for lead generation, as well as boosting your site’s conversion rates. Certainly a fitting way to wrap things up, as it’s a very helpful resource to have.

That’s all for this week’s roundup. So, what have been your favourite articles over the course of the week? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Liam McCarthy

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