Title (Not Provided) – Wow Internet TableTalks #1

In this week’s TableTalks, we’ll be going over the Google (not provided) update, some interesting responses to the update from the internet marketing community, ways it’ll affect the industry and ways to beat the update.

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Resource Links -

Google press release on Search Engine Land

Chris Dyson’s (not provided) world

Russ Jones Conference Appeal Rant

Michael King + Danny Sullivan Twitter Debate

“Googles plan” by Danny Sullivan

Charles Floate

Charles Floate

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Charles is one of the key members of the Wow Internet SEO team. With an extensive background in creative link building and on-page optimisation, Charles is always looking to share his knowledge.
Charles Floate
Charles Floate

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  • Ben

    Hey guys, thanks a lot for this conversation, got some insights out of it, and really enjoyed that twitter conversation you linked to.

    One suggestion: It gets really hard to understand you at times throughout the video because of the lack of microphones, and the acoustics in the room. Maybe do something to improve that?

    • Charles Floate

      Hey Ben, glad to see you enjoyed it!

      This month was mainly about getting it out there and formatting it, so we can get some tips on improvement. Next month we’ll be running a proper setup with better Camera and a freestanding Microphone.

      Thanks a lot for the comment!
      - Charles

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