Our conversion services (CRO) pinpoint where sales are being lost online so that we can improve your users' online experience in order to generate more revenue for your business.


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Conversion Rate Optimisation Birmingham

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or 'CRO', is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors that are landing on the webpages within your website that are turned into website conversions. These conversions could be sales related, i.e. a customer purchasing a product from the online shop, they could be enquiry focused, i.e. a user submitting an enquiry through the contact form, or they could even be offline focussed, i.e. a user calling through to the business after seeing the website.

Here at Wow Internet, we average a conversion rate of 7% across our clients (compared to an industry average of between 0.5-1.5%) and this is something that we are not looking to let slip any time soon. We work toward key objectives that we set out at the start of any project and promise to deliver results for your company that will result in an ultimate increase in revenue. This is why we are rated as one of the top conversion optimisation companies in Birmingham.

Four Stage Conversion Strategy

Wow Internet has been specialising in delivering effective CRO for businesses of all sizes and budgets for many years now and has developed a unique conversion strategy that can benefit all of our clients. We look at conversion optimisation as a four stage process cycle comprising of the following:

  • Stage 1: Analysis and Evaluation 
  • Stage 2: Conversion Funnel Optimisation
  • Stage 3: Scenario Testing
  • Stage 4: Implementation

Analysis and Evaluation

The first stage of the conversion optimisation consists of a thorough and extensive analysis of all aspects of the web pages that are being optimised. We will look at the current user journey, drop-off areas, on-page content, click-rates and conversion rates to establish the potential downfalls of the webpages. We will then be able to generate a full report that will outline the different ‘areas for improvement’ along with reasoning and statistics.

Another area we look at what types of users are coming to your website and where they are coming from. From this we will be able to suggest which types of users are more valuable to you; for example, users coming through the organic search listings, social media, affiliates or PPC adverts.

Conversion Funnel Optimisation

From looking into the different types of users that are coming onto your website and their online behaviour, we can establish the best way in which to enter them into your conversion funnel. We can then map out the journey of your users toward eventually becoming your customers.

Scenario Testing

The third stage of the conversion testing will consist of trailing solutions to each of the key issues identified in stage 1. We then create new website wire-frames to mock-up any design changes and set up advanced multivariate testing analysis in order to try out the new optimised content vs the old.


Once we have the results back from the initial scenario testing, we will then phase in the implementation of the new changes to the different webpages. Once we have implemented the new changes, we will then analyse their effects over a longer space of time in order to fine tweak and optimise. From here, we then go back to stage 1 to create a constantly evolving conversion cycle.

In order to achieve the objectives that we have set out, we will carry out various different tasks which include the following:

  • Thorough analysis of on-site user behaviour
  • Creation of optimised webpage wire frames
  • Site architecture formatting and streamlining
  • Webpage structure and cosmetic build changes
  • Heat-mapping of webpages to analyse user clicks
  • Scroll-mapping of webpages to gain optimal content placement
  • Consistent A/B testing of website for continued improvement
  • Extensive monthly performance reports

Analytical and Testing Tools

We use industry leading analytical software to study all aspects of your user's online behaviour in order to better understand the visitors coming to the website. We then use our initial analysis to make changes to the website in order to increase conversion rate and encourage larger order volumes. The next stage is to perform extensive A/B testing and multivariate testing through our testing software, whilst using our in-house expertise to evaluate the results and make the necessary adjustments. This allows us to achieve an incredibly high SEO conversion level, whilst also allowing you to understand your customers."

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