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Google Penalty Recovery Services


Wow Internet has an experienced team of experts that can help your site recover if it has been hit with any kind of Google penalty. Wow Internet has worked with customers all over the world that have suffered Google penalties and we have a 100% success rate in getting them back into search engines. If your company has suffered Google penalties, or you just want to ensure that it never does, then you need to know more about Wow Internet’s Google penalty recovery services.

What are Google Penalties?

If you are not familiar with Google penalties, then you should be, as they can do damage to the reputation and bottom line of your business. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common Google penalties:

Google Panda: Google tries to maintain its credibility by offering only fresh, relevant and original content. Google Panda goes after websites that do not have quality content or are using light or plagiarized material. Google Panda penalties happen to websites that do not meet Google’s content standards.

Google Penguin: Google Penguin is concerned with the link building practices used by a website. Penguin specifically targets sites with poor quality links and looks for things such as:

  • Link Schemes
  • Paid Links
  • Links that come from low quality directories
  • Article marketing sites 

Warnings from Google Penguin will cause a big drop in your rankings and subsequently, the traffic to your site.

Exact Match Domains: This penalty comes when websites have created a URL for their site that is specifically targeted for keyword rankings instead of using the name of the business.

Unnatural Links: This warning usually occurs when Google has determined that an internal or external link is potentially manipulative or harmful.

These are just a few of the most common Google penalties. If you have noticed that your webpage is not getting the traffic it once did, or is not showing up in Google searches, then you might have received a Google penalty. Luckily, Wow Internet has the team and resources in place to ensure this doesn’t happen and to help recover your site if it has. We have had a 100% success rate in recovering websites that have been penalized by Google. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Google Penalty Assessment Services

The best way to avoid Google penalties is by having your website assessed and audited by Wow Internet’s team of experts. We can do an in depth analysis of your site and identify areas where it falls short of Google’s standards. This will allow you to quickly see where you site is failing and start developing a plan to fix it. We will help you develop a roadmap to recovery, as well as strategies for correcting problems. We can provide these services before or after your site is launched so that you know your site will be well received by Google.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Once Wow Internet has done a thorough analysis of your website and identified the problems, we can take action to fix them. Here are some of the services we can provide to help restore your website on Google:

  • Detailed link analysis including inorganic and unnatural link evaluation
  • Analysis of anchor text
  • Spam audits that test for on page Google guidelines violations
  • Evaluation of content quality, including checks for poor quality or duplicate content
  • Detailed plagiarism checks 

We then move onto the “toxic link removal stage” or other actions necessary to restore your site. Wow Internet will also manage the creation of a Disavow File that will be submitted to Google. We will then manage the reconsideration request to ensure that your site is fully compatible and up to the standards of Google.

Don’t Wait to Act 

If your website does not have a strong presence on Google then it has very little chance of generating revenue from Internet advertising. Having a webpage is not enough, as it will not be effective if it does not meet Google’s standards for content, quality and links. Wow Internet has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that your website is functioning efficiently and properly. Our 100% success rate in recovering websites hit by Google penalties speaks for itself. 

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