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International SEO Services


Search Engine Optimisation is a method in which you improve the visibility of your website, making it as easy as possible for people to find your website through search engines – Generally by practices such as on-site optimisation, link building, content creation, etc. It is a truly integral part to a business’ strategy. We’re using our experience and expertise in the SEO field to branch out overseas - we’re now offering international and multilingual SEO services. 

International/multilingual SEO is a specialised SEO service in which we can use our methods to capture website traffic in the different foreign markets in which your business operates or is targeting. At Wow Internet we perform a detailed analysis of your target country, using our in-house translators to make sure that all of our research is completely accurate. We can then understand the best keywords to target in order to drive traffic and conversions through to your website. Our International SEO services include:

International On-Page Optimisation

The first stage of any international SEO campaign is to sort out the technical code and content of your website in order for it to be consumed correctly by the country/language specific search engines. On top of this we will look at the site architecture to ensure that factors such as URL structure, internal linking and navigation are SEO friendly.

International Link Building

We focus heavily on building high quality links from reputable, location-specific and niche-relevant sources. This will include extensive research into potential link acquisition targets, outreach campaigns and the specific targeting of IP address from your target country in order to build relevance within the search engines.

International Copywriting and Translation

Our in-house translation copywriting team will work closely with you throughout the campaign to produce search engine optimised content that can be used across a number of your online marketing activities. This will also ensure that all content being used for SEO purposes is contextual and culturally sensitive.

Slapping your website into Google Translate will likely be largely incoherent and nonsensical. This is where our in-house translation comes in. We’ll make sure that all translation has taken culture and context in mind to provide the finest results. Whether it is keywords, analysis, web pages etc, we’ll make sure to provide accurate translations.

Optimising a website internationally is quite a taxing job, with one of the largest factors being the accuracy of the translation. We’ve had experience in the past with this, with a lot of work and success revolved around the likes of Russian search engine giant, Yandex. We offer our services across a number of different languages and countries so get in touch with one of our international SEO specialists for more information. 

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