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Wow internet has been working to help increase the social engagement for Itihaas restaurant on their current promotion that has been running from 29th July until August 12th, the ‘Itihaas Olympic Kebab Festival’. The main aim for us was to interact with social users, create ideas that would appeal and draw in targeted audiences, and for a lot more interaction to take place between the restaurant and its’ customers.

Not only did we take the pressure off of Itihaas, but they used many different ways to help attract new customers for the restaurant throughout this promotion, as well as using promotions through social media – Facebook and Twitter, email marketing campaigns were also produced as another way of promoting the ‘Olympic Kebab Festival’. With the most talked about event in the world arriving in London, we wanted to base the festival around just that!

The ‘Olympic Kebab Festival’ has now been running for a couple of weeks and in that time Wow Internet have set out to attract a new range of followers through the use of targeted social advertising, regular engagement and new content creation. This has meant that we have taken the lead on all marketing and promotion activities to encourage potential customers to experience the festival for themselves

From our initial work via the social media, we have seen some really encouraging results – within the first week of this promotion being released on Facebook a staggering amount of over 65,000 people have been exposed to the promotion. On top of this, we have had over 400 downloads of the offer voucher through the Facebook page, 150 new followers and engagement from users has increased by over 500%!

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