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SEO Services in Birmingham

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is the method in which you become visible to the online world through listing well within the search engines. This is an essential, if not the most important aspect of any businesses online strategy and if it isn’t executed correctly and efficiently, the revenue that the business brings in will often suffer.

Wow Internet has been specialising in delivering effective SEO for businesses of all sizes and budgets for many years now and has developed a unique and customer-focused strategy that has helped us to become one of the top SEO companies in Birmingham. Our SEO team have worked across many different projects that span over many different industries, yet the techniques that we apply are able to help us achieve of ultimate goal of getting your website to the first page of Google search engine. Not only that but, to date, our SEO team are proud to say that they have never failed to achieve this for a client and it is something that we are not going to let slip.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Clients Choose Wow Internet

  • We guarantee to increase business lead generation through your online activities through our SEO conversion strategies.

  • We thoroughly analyse the performance of the campaign every month and send through a detailed report to clients as well as a personal phone call to provide fantastic customer service.

  • We have never failed to get any of our clients to the first page of Google to date and we plan to keep this accolade intact.

Penguin/Panda Friendly Link Building

When it comes to implementing your SEO, we break this down into two different categories; on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Within the on-page activities is the optimisation of the technical code of the website and the actual webpage content is optimised to ensure it is unique. The off-page activities include an effective and sustainable link building campaign. This involves getting a deep understanding of your business in order to build high-quality, relevant links to your website that will bolster your site's authority and gain high page rankings.

All of the link building tactics that we perform comply fully with all the latest algorithm updates from Google, Bing and Yahoo which will enable your website to have a long-term sustainable link building programme that will last.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

At Wow Internet, we also focus heavily on SEO conversion which turns those extra visitors to you website generated through optimising your website into customers. By using our conversion-focused strategy that works on encouraging the user to engage with the business, we are able to get across your key messages to your target market. Not only this but our SEO conversion strategy will help you understand user behaviour on your website, which will ultimately identify potential business opportunities.

SEO Consultation

Whenever we take on a new client’s SEO activities we make sure that they are taken through an extensive consultation process so that we can identify exactly what direction they want their website taken in and we set measurable performance metrics so that the current progress is crystal clear to both the SEO team and the client.

Our development and optimisation team will sit down one-to-one to discuss exactly what you want from the website and what kind of visitors you want to attract. We then perform extensive market and competitor research in order to derive the best keywords to target for your website and to get the best possible results to generate business for your company.

Reporting and Maintenance

A huge part of our SEO package lies in the reporting and maintenance that we carry out. The first part is our extensive quantitative analysis reports that we send out every month that summarises the performance across the website and then we look into how this has converted into business leads. We also phone each of our clients each month to discuss possible recommendations for the future and to address any issues that they may be having.

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