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SEO Knowledge Base

What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

For many people this is a regularly asked question as well as ‘What can SEO do for my business?’ Well, quite simply put, search engine optimisation is the process by which a website is made visible within search results.

The main reason why your website will benefit from an effective SEO strategy is because making your site visible to search engines means that you will achieve a wider reach of users. The higher that your website ranks in the search listings, the higher the likelihood that a user will click-through and visit your site.SEO A leaked study from AOL revealed that the first ten results in the search engine results listings received 89.71% of all click-throughs from users whilst the top result received 42.25% of these clicks. This shows the importance of getting your website as highly ranked as possible in order to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

So what does SEO consist of?

Search engine optimisation is made of two key areas; on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The on-page SEO activities consist of optimising your website’s code and content to fit in with your targeted keyword strategy and using resources such as XML sitemaps to allow the search engines to crawl your individual webpages, whereas the off-page SEO will focus on building a sustained back-link campaign, blogging, social media activities, and much more in order to increase the amount of points of entry to your website. By carrying out these activities, search engines will be able to understand and interpret your site and give it a ranking within its results based on how effective the SEO is.

Search engines are extremely important to you because the vast majority of web traffic is directed through from organic search engine results. A study by EightFoldLogic in 2009 found that Google sent through 78.43% of all click-through traffic, Yahoo! Sent 9.73% and Bing sent 7.86%. Utilising these resources is absolutely essential toward achieving your online strategy.

How will this make my website more profitable?

What we do at Wow Internet is focus heavily on SEO conversion which turns those extra visitors to your website generated through SEO into sales for your company. We develop a customer-centric strategy that focuses on encouraging the user to engage with the business and get across your key message to your target market.


There are many different components that make up an SEO campaign and each of these different components is as important as the other. There should be a fluid workflow of SEO activities that are running at all times in order to be as effective as possible and to grow the web traffic to the website. At Wow Internet we look at SEO as a logical process and break it down systematically.

SEO is always evolving

We take time and care during our analysis stage in order to completely understand the competition and market that we are faced with, and then we begin to build our strategy based on our findings. One important thing to remember when engaging in search engine optimisation is that it is always evolving and it is essential to be consistently analysing and anticipating the changes that are made. During 2011 alone Google made over 400 changes to its’ search algorithm, which is more than once a day, so it is imperative that there are contingency plans ready in case of a drastic evolution in the way the search engines consume the website.

The next stage is then to begin the on-page SEO which is the optimisation of the website code, such as the META data, image and video attributes, keyword implementation, optimisation of the webpage URLs, and cleaning of bad code. This is an extremely important part of SEO as this information is primarily used by the search engines to determine exactly what each of your webpages are about, therefore if this information is incorrect then the search engine is given false data.

Alongside the on-page activities run the off-page SEO which is all based around driving traffic to the website through linking pages. This can be done through blogging, directory submission, social media campaigns, video blogging, e-letters, press releases, and much more. Off-page SEO focuses on ways to get visitors through to the site via means that are not located directly on the core website itself, for example, by providing a link to one of your new products in a tweet on Twitter.

SEO Conversion

The final piece to the puzzle is the conversion strategy. This basically begs the question of ‘once visitors get to my website, how do I convert them into business?’ This stage involves working out the best user experience possible and ensuring that potential customers are going to come through to the most relevant page in which they will generate business for the firm. At Wow Internet, we see this stage as a priority and go through rigorous testing and analysis to work out the best possible conversion strategy for each individual client.

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