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Social Media Knowledge Base

What is Social Media Marketing?

I’m sure at one time or another we have all came across social media; even now at the top of our website we have links to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The time spent on social networking sites within the UK alone equate to 22.7% of all online activities and 91% of that time is spent on Facebook alone. From these figures we can clearly see the scale of social networking and with this much time spent on them by users, it is imperative that your business has a well thought social media marketing plan in order to tap into these areas.

Social Media Marketing BirminghamThe main questions that are asked around social media marketing are ‘how do I get my social media campaign started?’, ‘what tactics should I employ to make my strategy most effective?’ and ‘how do I measure the success of my social media marketing?’. These are very common questions and the answers to these can differ dramatically from one client to another. The beauty of social networking is that it turns traditional marketing methods on its head and opens new doors of opportunity to be creative and experimental when target customers. Also, the large wealth of information that is held on social networking websites can work as on huge customer relationship marketing (CRM) database and if a firm can effectively utilise this data then they will reap the rewards.

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

When creating your social media plan it is important to have covered every facet in order to keep consistency throughout the whole campaign. Using simple models such as the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place) are a great way to go about this. The first thing we will look at is the ‘place’ factor:


This looks at where you will be having a presence within social media, for example, will you be running Twitter, Facebook and Blogger accounts or will you just be running a YouTube campaign. This is extremely important to get right and it differs from firm-to-firm so you really have to decide on how you want to engage users. An example would be if you were a web and SEO firm like ourselves, we have regular engagement through Twitter as our main social media site so that we can give out short snippets of information that provide links back to our website and primarily our blog. Also, we use YouTube for video blogging that we engage in regularly in order to talk about various aspects related to what we do and give how-to videos, etc. This is a perfect way for us to engage with our target audience and build a good social following; that combined with a Facebook page and a central blog will pay dividends long term. Now, if the same was done for, let’s say, an ironmongery business, it is unlikely to have the same result due to the completely different nature of interaction between the different customers. With our users, most of them are looking for information around new web tips and tricks, whereas the ironmongery’s users may be much more direct and looking specifically for products and promotions. This is obviously not the case across the board but is a good example of how important it is to get the placement of your social media campaign correct.


Deciding on how you will promote your firm online is an equally important factor. Are you looking to use social media purely to build brand awareness? Are you using it to give discounts to loyal followers? Or are you using social media to simply offer information to your followers? These questions need to be answered before you start anything.
A good example of a great social media campaign that built brand awareness through giving information to users was with Levi’s Facebook campaign last year. They set up a Facebook page to educate users on problems across the world related to the lack of drinking water, specifically in third world countries. Levi’s created an online game where users would compete to generate water which would bring the global total up until the game reached its overall target and Levi’s then donated $250,000 to help

Social Media Marketing Birmingham


Once you know where you will be promoting and how you will be carrying out your promotions through social media, you need to decide which products or services that you want to increase business too, if any at all. For example, many companies will coincide a heavy social media campaign to run with a new product launch and this can be seen regularly within the film industry to create a buzz around a new film coming out. During the run up to the film ‘Cloverfield’ there was a lot of social media and viral marketing going round that generate a huge hype for the new film that paid dividends when it hit the box office.


How much do you want to invest in social media market and how much would you anticipate getting back in return? One of the major reasons for firms’ apprehension into engaging in a social media campaign is the difficulty in placing metrics on the success of the campaign. Many sales are made indirectly through social media and normally affect more intangible aspects of the company, such as the brand; therefore it can be very difficult to measure this. This is why it is extremely important to have a prudent pricing strategy and explore all the different avenues available when engaging in any campaign.

What We Do

What we do at Wow Internet is bring all of these aspects together to create a well thought and effective social media marketing plan. We tailor the experience to each of our different clients and ensure that we promote the brand in a way that is sure to drive business to the client and build up a following of users that can be used to their advantage. We have ran many successful social media campaigns with clients across several different industries and using our expert knowhow and experience we are able to execute every campaign with great effect.

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