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Social Media Services Birmingham

Social Media Marketing

With the recent social networking boom, online marketing has become as important as ever. Through social media marketing we are able to understand and engage with customers in a whole new way. The opportunities that websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, etc bring should make any business stand up and listen.

At the time of writing there is 42.5 million active Facebook users in the UK alone and this figure is rapidly expanding. Alonside this, Twitter has over 10 million active UK users and with more and more emerging social networks, such as Pinterest, the growth in niche-specific communities has been enormous. A study from found that 90% of the marketers that they asked said that social media is vital to their business and 58% of which spend at least 6 hours a week carrying out these activities.

Social PPC Advertising

With Facebook PPC advertising, we are able to segment our target audience using what is essentially the largest market research tool in the world. We can identify and segment different users based on their preferences, interests, location, age, education, place of work, occupation, marital status, where they go, what they do, when they do it, and so on. As you can imagine, we can be very specific.

Facebook advertising is becoming more and more popular as a cost-effective method of online marketing that offers some really unique benefits. At Wow Internet, we have been investing heavily into resources that enable us to take advantage of these unique benefits and deliver results for our clients. Our aim is to flip traditional targeting and segmentation strategies on their head and take a whole new perspective at how we define our 'target market'. We do this using the following techniques:

  • Identify different social user segments with an interest toward what we are offering.
  • Create psychometric profiles around the different user segments we have identified.
  • Develop unique advertisements that appeal to the different psychometric profiles.

By creating these 'profiles' of users that we can use to target our offerings to, we can deliver much more effective advertisements in terms of both cost and ROI. Already we have started seeing some fantastic results from our existing clients.

Social Media Activities

Social media marketing can dramatically increase brand awareness and interaction between firm and customer. Not only this, social media campaigns can help to generate new online revenue streams and allow you to drive more traffic through to both your online and offline stores.

Despite all of this, only 28% of companies have utilised the outsourcing of their social media last year. This can lead to half-hearted efforts or just to the firm simply not having the time to perform the tasks involved in a high quality social media campaign. This is where Wow Internet can help. We have been specialising in social media marketing for several years now and have the knowledge and skills to develop, implement and maintain the perfect strategy for your business. This is why we have now become one of the top social media companies in Birmingham.

When working with a new client toward developing and carrying out an effective social media campaign we perform a range of different activities. We understand that each business has different objectives and goals that they want to achieve from their social media campaigns and that is why we take time to really understand your customers. We use a variety of tools and advanced analytical software in order to give you a deep understanding of the market that you are trying to target and compile this into manageable reports. Through this, we can help your business do the following:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Widen the reach of customers to your business
  • Drive more traffic to the website and into offline stores
  • Build a network of captive followers
  • Raise your brand's perception toward its customers
  • Generate new business leads
  • Improve your reputation management process


We will develop a social strategy to establish a successful Facebook campaign that will encourage interaction and engagement from your customers and offer a medium to communicate freely and informally with them. Wow Internet will focus on careful management of all activities as well as the development of a great looking page that can cater for all sorts of features, such as competitions, polls, subscription forms, photos, videos and much more.


Twitter is a vital part of any social media strategy and using our experience we are able to deploy the campaign in an effective way that will be unique to each individual client. We look to generate as many visitors to the core website as possible whilst building a large following of people that we can use to generate business for the client.


Google+ is becoming one of the most important social networking sites of all in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) which will help get your website listed at the top of the search engines. We utilise this in order to drive website visitors forward and increase brand awareness.


For some of our clients, YouTube can be an essential component toward achieving their overall online objectives and this is a great way to create a buzz for your brand. We work closely with our clients to work on building a YouTube presence and, more importantly, getting the videos out on the web so that they are seen.

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